Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration Singapore

Antique furniture restoration is an appealing service to many people because it helps to preserve antique pieces. The restoration increases the lifespan of the pieces and boosts their aesthetic appearance. Especially if it is a furniture that you love most or has been passed to you from your great grandparents.

To achieve the best antique furniture restoration, you need to work with experts in this field. DIY is not highly recommended because of the chemicals used in the process. If you do not have enough expertise, you may experience skin and eye irritation. Here at Singapore Upholstery, we have experienced staffs who will give you the best antique furniture restoration service.

What to expect when you hire a professional to do the Antique Furniture Restoration

Safety Measures

The upholsterer will put safety measures first because the chemicals used can be toxic and can affect your health. They will use proper tools and wear gloves and masks. The restoration is done outside the house to allow the chemicals to dry out.

Working from an open place helps to prevent you from inhaling hazardous materials. It also helps the person working on the furniture to have a sufficient flow of fresh air. After the restoration, the furniture is allowed to dry and to minimize the emission of gases that come from the chemicals.

The Furniture Finishing

The technician will put into consideration the finishing design of the furniture to determine how they will restore the furniture. The technician may apply alcohol on the surface to help know what type of finishing was used. The finishing is important because not assessed, you may get a product that is not similar to the initial design. Some furniture has shinny surfaces while others have dull surfaces. All of these are different types of furniture.


Scrubbing is done on the furniture surface to remove dirt layers and the uneven wax or oil layers. After using furniture for many years, the surface wears out and becomes uneven. The technician will use liquid detergent and water to clean the surface after scrubbing. A cloth will be used to avoid direct contact of water to the wood.  The most preferred cleaning substance is alcohol-based cleaners because they will evaporate and leave the wood dry.


This process is done to cover any cracks and scratches on the furniture surface. This process is important because it helps to even out the surfaces and repair the cracks and scratched. This is done by applying paste wax that fills in the cracks. Then the surface is smoothened to achieve uniformity.


After ensuring that the furniture is in good condition, it is then applied paint. The coats can be more than one and the paint is waterproof. This is to protect the surface from water seepage which can destroy the wood. After every coat that is applied, the technician will give it 30 minutes to dry and apply another.

You need to work with a professional in this field to gain the best restoration process. DIY may not be effective because you may have limited knowledge on which chemicals and products to use to achieve a piece of good restored furniture. You should check the experience of the upholsterer before hiring them. Check their reviews from other clients to now the one that has good successful projects. Check if they are registered to avoid welcoming con men and people who may steal from you. You should hire an upholster through a registered company like Singapore Upholstery. It is safe and you will have confidence in the technician. You will not worry about anything going wrong.

Another advantage of working with a professional is that they will put sufficient safety measures in place. The chemicals used in paints can be hazardous to your health. The furniture will be restored at an open-air place to reduce the impact of such gases. There are no extra charges, you pay what was given in the quotation. Unprofessional will end up charging you more than what you agreed on. They may also not deliver quality services because they are interested in money.

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