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Couch Upholstery Singapore

Couch upholstery is a good option to save the cost of buying new furniture. The decision to do couch upholstery is significant as well as choosing the best upholsterer. Always check the reviews of the upholsterer before hiring. Reupholstering is suitable for a couch that has a strong structure. Low-quality couches may not be a good choice for upholstery because they may have a weak structure. In such a case, reupholstering will cost more money than buying a new couch. You should hire a professional upholsterer to assess the couch and give you a quotation. This will help you decide whether you want upholstery or to buy a new couch.

Tips on deciding whether you need upholstering or not.

Find out the Furniture Details

This information you can get it from the dealer who sold you the furniture. Furniture that was bought in the last 10 years may not be steady enough. However, is a couch has lasted more than 5 years and its structure is still good, then that couch can be upholstered.

Besides, you can hire an upholsterer to check the status of the couch to determine whether it is worthy to upholster. The technician will assess the strength of its structure and check the status of the springs. If the structure is strong, upholstering will be recommended. If the couch has a weak structure, you will be advised to customize a new couch.

Shake the Couch

You can shake the couch to feel whether it is steady of wobbly. If it feels wobbly and weak, it probably needs a replacement. If it feels steady, reupholstering is a good option. This can be done at any time at home. If you feel your assessment is not sufficient, get a professional assessment from our company.

Frame Assessment

Examining the frame will help to know whether it is worth it to upholster the couch or not. A good frame will have frames that are jointly secured with few knots. The joints need to be secured with glue instead of staples. Hardwood frame is the most applicable to couch upholstery because the wood is of high quality. A weak structure may get damaged in the process of upholstering. Sometimes it may not be strong enough to hold the new cushion and padding materials.

Springs Assessment

The springs need to be assessed to know if they can hold the new materials in place. Certain spring shapes may be difficult to do couch upholstery. S-shaped springs are not suitable upholstery because if the structure. You can contact a professional upholsterer to check the type of the springs. This will help you decide whether you should invest in couch upholstery or you will buy a new couch.

Padding and Cushion State

After using the couch for many years, the cushion and the paddings wear out. Maybe because the quality of the foam is low or it has been used for many years. Reupholstering will involve the use of a quality foam that will increase the longevity of the cushions and paddings. This will increase the durability of the couch and it will serve for more years before you think of buying a new couch. This will help in reducing solid waste that goes into the dumping site.

How Much are you Attached to your Couch?

If it is a couch that is been passed on in your generation you may not want to throw it. You may consider couch upholstery to maintain its sentimental value and preserve it. You no longer to be stuck with an old couch, contact us today and book an upholstery appointment. You may be attached to a couch because you love it and you may not get a similar couch in the market. Upholstery will come in to save your day and have a fresh new looking couch in your home.

Before you decide on which upholsterer to work with, look at their reviews, and compare different quotes. You need to work with a professional upholsterer to get the best of the couch upholstery service. Singapore Upholstery has been in this business for many years and our professional upholsterers have a good experience.

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