Cushion Upholstery

Cushion Upholstery Singapore

Are you wondering how you can make your cushions firm and comfortable again? Have your cushions flattened and they no longer look good? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to hire a professional to do cushion upholstery. Here at Singapore Upholstery we have trained and experienced upholsterers that can give you the best services.

There are DIY steps for making your cushions firm, however, you may be limited in choosing the best filling foam ad how to measure the size. It will also take you many days to complete this project. If you want to get the best out of the cushion upholstery, you should consider hiring a professional. An upholsterer knows a lot of cushion upholstery techniques and they know the best foam. There are a lot of foam products in the market and you may not be able to choose the best. It is highly beneficial to work with professionals in this field of upholstery.

Things to expect during the cushion upholstery process when working with an upholsterer

The upholsterer will assess your cushions and take measurements of each cushion. This is to help to know how much foam will be needed to complete the project. Also, the cushion covers are checked to see whether they have a zipper. If they do not have, they will sew one in place. The zipper is to help to remove the old foam without destroying the covers. At this point, you also get to decide whether you want to retain your old covers or you want new ones.

The next step is to identify the right foam for you. There are high density and low-density foams. Low-density foams are less costly and may not last for many years. On the other hand, high-density foam is expensive but will last for many years. High density is highly advantageous and the cost of investing in it is worth it. The upholsterer will advise you on the best high-density foam because there are many brands in the market.

After choosing the best foam, the cushions are now filled with the right amounts and shapes. Even if you have different shaped cushions, do not worry because the foam can be shaped according to the shape of the cushions. The staff will make sure that the cushion s filled in tightly and is full. Each cushion is zipped to ensure that the material does not fall off.

To keep the sofa cushions steady, the upholsterer will add an adhesive substance to hold it in place. This will help prevent the cushions from sliding and hold it in place.

There are other filling materials such as fibre, feather, foam and fibre, and foam and feather. All these materials achieve a different level of softness and luxury. The materials are chosen according to what you want to achieve. We involve our customers during the entire process of cushion upholstery.

Benefits of Cushion Upholstery

The cushions will stop flattening and become more comfortable. Cushions tend to lose their shapes when they have been used for many years. The cushions will need to be filled with nee foam, feather, or fiber to make it have a puff and good shape. It will also increase the comfortability and improve the appearance of the rooms.

Cushion upholstery helps to increase the life of the sofa. When cushion flattens, consider filling the cushions with new materials instead of buying a new sofa. This will increase the longevity of the sofa because it will serve you for more years.

Cushion upholstery is cost-effective. It is expensive to buy new sofas. If you want to save several coins, consider cushion upholstery. Especially if the sofa structure is still in good condition and the only issue if the flattened cushions. Cushion upholstery is affordable and you get the best out of it. Besides, you will get to design a new cushion shape. The process is flexible and you can always get what you need. You will get the best upholstery service from our team.

We are reputable and our upholsterers are highly skilled. Contact us today to get your quotation for the cushion upholstery service.