Upholstery Foam

Upholstery Foam

Foam is an important part of a seat because it determines its comfort and durability. This why after using the sofa for many years, the cushions begin to sag making the sofa look old and worn out. You get tired when you sit on such sofas because the foam is worn out. At this point, you may want to consider the upholstery foam services.

The quality of the foam is measured in two standards which include compression rate and density. The denser the foam is the more it will last. The compression rate is the hardness of the softness of the foam. Some foams are hard, this makes the chair uncomfortable. If the form is extremely soft, the cushions may flatten easily. It is the work of the upholsterer to guide into choosing the best foam for upholstering.

Types of Upholstery Foam

Compressed Polyester

This is a type of foam with densified polyester that makes it durable because polyester does not wear out. However, the cushion can lose its firmness after being used for many years. Another type of compressed polyester is that which is easy clean and can be washed and air-dried. Suitable for homes with children and pets because dirt and stains can be easily washed and cushions can dry under the sun.

Polyester Fiberfill

This is composed of polyester fibers which are affordable ad commonly used to stuff throw pillows. The material is soft and can be used to stuff pillows used for back comfort.  The material is nonallergic and resistant to moisture. It is easy to wash with bare hands and dried by the sun. if it compresses, you can stretch out the material by using hands and get it back to shape. This material is not recommended for sitting areas of a sofa because it will flatten out quickly.

Medium Density Foam

It is made of polyurethane and has medium firmness that makes it comfortable to sit or sleep on. This foam can get wet, so to prevent the growth of foam, you will need foam treatment. The foam will be protected from accumulating mold that can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Medium density foam is suitable for coaches, headboards, and boat seating.

High Density

The same material used in medium density foam is the same used to make the high-density foam. The difference is that the high density is firmer and more resilient than the medium density. Suitable for areas with high human traffic such as commercial spaces. High density can last more than 10 years without flattening. It will need regular foam treatment to prevent the growth of molds and dust mites.

Open Cell Foam

This foam has open pores that are referred to as cells to allow free circulation of air. This foam is high quality and comfortable to sit on. The pores minimize the occurrence of mold growth because there is a free flow of air. Mold growing in dump areas. It also minimizes the accumulation of odor after using it for many several years. This is a popular foam among many homeowners because it is soft and long-lasting.

Closed Cell Foam

It is buoyant and highly resists moisture seepage. It is finer than the polyurethane foam and is great to use for commercial boats and at home. It is one of the expensive foam options and is a good choice for areas with high human traffic.

Fabric Foam

This is a thin form of polyurethane foam that is suitable for upholstery because it can be sewed together with the upholstery covers. This can be used on motorcycles, boats, and golf carts. It can also be used as a padding material to soften the edges of a sofa. It is flexible and can be easily reshaped to fit different shapes.

There are many other types of foams in the upholstery industry. We have just listed a few that are commonly used in domestic and commercial spaces. If you would like to choose the best foam to consider working with a professional in this field. They will help you choose the best quality that will fit your current needs.

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