Sofa Upholstery Repair

Sofa Upholstery Repair Singapore

It comes to a point where you will debate whether to buy new furniture or to repair the old and worn out furniture. After using the sofa for many years, it becomes ripped and worn out. If you do not want to get rid of your favorite sofa, you can consider sofa upholstery repair. Before deciding on whether to repair or buy new furniture, customers weigh the sentimental value of the sofa. Sometimes anew couch may not last long as the quality and older furniture. It is of great benefit to consider upholstery rather than buying a new sofa.

Signs to let you know that you need a sofa upholstery repair service

The Sofa Does not Fit

When you bought your sofa, it used to fit well in your home, but when you moved to a new home, it no longer fits. The couch can either be small or big. The repair can either downsize or increase the size of the sofa depending on the available space. A big sofa in a small room makes it clumsy and blocks fresh air from flowing in and out of the room. This is why you need to contact us so that we can repair the sofa to fit well in your new home.  In case the repair will affect the frame of the sofa, we will advise you to get a new couch.

Cracking Noises

When you start hearing popping, cracking, and squeaking noises from a sofa when you sit down is a sign that the sofa needs repair. The noises signify that the structure is weakening as a result of screw loosening. Instead of waiting for the sofa to collapse, you need to hire a professional to repair the frame. Upholstery repair is affordable and will help you cut the cost of buying a new set of sofa. Especially if it’s only one sofa that has worn out.

Flattening of the Cushions

This is common especially if you have used the sofa for many years. This makes you need more padding and support of the existing structure. Flattened cushions make the sofa uncomfortable and you get tired when you rest on them. Consequently, the flattening of the cushion disfigures the original appearance of the sofa. This affects the overall aesthetic of the living room. To get back the original shape and design of the sofa, you will need the sofa upholstery repair service. You will get new paddings and a piece of new fabric to redesign and reshape the sofa.

Itchiness or Odor

After using the sofa for many years, it tends to accumulate dirt which makes it to have an odor and can become itchy. Especially when you have children and pets, the sofa may accumulate dirt like urine and food. Once you notice that the sofa has an overwhelming odor, it is a sign to consider sofa upholstery repair.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming help to keep the sofa clean, but after a long time of usage, the odor becomes overwhelming. The only way to deal with it is by replacing the fabric and the padding materials. This will help you get rid of dust mites and bed bugs that cause itchiness.

Decoration Taste is Changing

Your taste of decoration can change. This means that you will need the upholstery repair service to remodel the existing chair and get a new fabric design. The upholstery services have made it easier for homeowners to change the decoration of the house as they wish without buying new sofas. Our upholsterers will help you decide on the best fabric and padding to change the living room decoration.

Wear and Tear

If the color of the sofa fabric has faded and is heavily stained, it is time to consider upholstery repair. Daily use and high human traffic increase the rate of wear and tear. The sofa can be repaired and new fabric can be installed to give your sofa a brand new look. Sofas that are near the window ted to fade quickly because of the direct exposure to UV rays of the sun. Some fabrics are UV resistant and you can get such during sofa upholstery repair.

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