Does your worn out and old furniture need a make-over? Discover the different upholstery services that we offer. This will help you to choose the service that fits the needs of your furniture. Renewing worn out furniture can be a great investment and you would not like to guess which service or fabric is the best. Our staffs have knowledge and experience; therefore they will guide you on the best fabric and design for the new upholstery.

Here at Singapore Upholstery, we provide services for sofa upholstery, furniture upholstery, custom upholstery, and upholstery material.

Sofa Upholstery

Luxurious and comfortable sofas are in high demand. Upholstered sofas improve the ambiance of the house and enhance comfort. Since buying new sofas every year can be very expensive, sofa upholstery services provide you with the best alternative. The service helps you achieve comfortable and luxurious chairs.

Custom Made Sofa

Customized sofas give your living room a unique and perfect ambiance. We have been in the industry for many years and we are able to give you the best custom made sofa. It can be challenging to get a perfect sofa for your living room. This is why we encourage our customers to consider a custom made sofa when furnishing their houses. Our staffs can also recreate existing furniture.

Leather Sofa Upholstery Repair

Leather sofas are built to last for many years but it is vulnerable to tear and wear. Your kids may scratch and make holes when playing which affects the appearance of the sofas. There is hope for all worn out leather sofas in your home. We repair leather sofas at a very affordable price. We replace scratched and torn leather with strong and durable leather.

Sofa Upholstery Fabric

When buying a new sofa, it is always important to consider the type of fabric. The type of fabric determines the durability and how well it will blend with your living room décor. Cheap fabric may not last you long as compared to the costly fabrics. When choosing sofa upholstery fabric, it is important to choose a durable material with a color of your choice.

Sofa Upholstery Repair

At Singapore Upholstery, we provide professional sofa upholstery services to repair your furniture and restore the ambiance of the living room.  Our staffs can renew old furniture and improve their appearance. The process includes replacing the sofa fabric and cushions with a new one and repairing the sofa.

Furniture Upholstery

Buying new furniture can be an expensive venture. Instead of buying new furniture, you can consider furniture upholstery. This service helps to renew the existing furniture and make them look new and fresh. When fabric wears out and cushions are worn out, we can give you a furniture upholstery service.

Our Services under the furniture upholstery.

Chair Upholstery

When you sit down on a seat, you want to feel the cushion smooth and comfortable. After using a chair for long, it wears out and becomes less comfortable. The chair will require padding repair and adding new fabric to make it look elegant and comfortable. Upholstery is the best way of restoring chairs.

Couch Upholstery

The old couch is still quality. Do not throw away an old couch just because it is worn out. Here at Singapore Upholstery we repair and renew old couches. It is cost-effective to repair the existing couch rather than buying new ones.

Cushion Upholstery

Our professionals can update old cushions into modern-looking cushions. Well-made cushions are soft and comfortable to sit on. They also help to improve the longevity of the furniture.

Dining Chair Upholstery

Dining chairs tend to wear out fast because of their consistent usage. People are always eating in the house and would love to sit on soft and comfortable dining chairs. Instead of buying new dining chairs, call us to renew the existing ones.

Upholstery Covers

These are furniture covers that are made to prolong the life span of the furniture. They are mainly waterproof and easy to clean. Upholstery covers are a lifesaver to many furniture.

Upholstery Foam

Foam is a unique material made of polyurethane that is good for upholstering furniture. The foam is placed well on the seat frame to make sure that it does not shift positing when sitting and standing.

Antique Furniture Restoration

To achieve this restoration, you need to work with experienced professionals to help preserve the appearance of the furniture. We have experienced staffs who will give you the best restoration service.

Booth Seating Repair & Re-upholstery

Furniture in public space is exposed to a high rate of wear and tear. They deteriorate quickly as compared to the home furniture. Booth re-upholstery is a cost-effective way to maintain those booth seats in good condition.

Theater Seat Re upholstery, Restoration & Repair

Can you imagine how expensive it can be to buy new theatre seats? Here at Singapore Upholstery, we offer theater seat repair services. The old seats can be made new and all good looking.

Custom Upholstery

We provide comprehensive custom upholstery services to our customers. Below are some of the custom upholsteries that we offer.

Bed Headboard Upholstery

Instead of sweating over DIY bed headboard upholstery, you can hire us. We understand the importance of having a comfortable bed. Contact us today to get the best bed headboard upholstery service.

Boat Upholstery

We provide waterproof fabrics for boats. The fabric is also UV resistant to survive in extreme conditions of the weather. Also, the fabrics are resistant to tearing so that they can last long. Boat furniture is important and needs to be the best quality so that it may last long and resist water seepage.

Contract Furniture

Contract furniture is for commercial purposes that are designed to withstand heavy usage. It is mainly used in hotels, institutions, business sectors, and airports among other areas. Our staffs help you choose the best furniture material and cover that will last long in the commercial areas.

Dental Chair Upholstery 

It is important to ensure that the dental chair is comfortable and is made of soft materials. Patients rate the quality of a dental clinic by the quality of furniture they can see. Make your patient feel comfortable when coming for the doctor’s appointment.

Massage Chair Upholstery

Massage chairs should be extremely comfortable and soft. Clients are looking for an area they can relax and get a massage. The chairs should also be in good condition to improve your brand image.

Marine Upholstery

Marine upholstery, just like boat upholstery, they should be waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. Our staffs are experienced in carrying out marine upholstery services.

Office Chairs Re-upholstery

Office chairs need regular re-upholstery because of their heavy usage. They are highly vulnerable to wearing and tearing because they are being used by many people. Instead of buying new chairs, consider our office chair re-upholstery service.

Re-upholstery Services

Re upholstery services add value to the existing furniture and improve comfort. It is a cost-effective service because it will save the cost of buying new furniture. Our staffs are highly experienced in conducting re-upholstery services.

Upholstery Material

Upholstery material is important in determining the longevity of the furniture. Our staffs will guide you in choosing the best upholstery material for your furniture.

Fabric Upholstery

This is the fabric that is used to renew your furniture. It is the exterior cover of the seat that is seen and helps to improve the ambiance of the house. This fabric upholstery service needs to be done by a professional to achieve the best results.

Leather Upholstery

Leather is known to last longer than other fabrics because it naturally resists tears and punctures. Leather remains at the top of the furniture fabric that is preferred by many.

Microfiber Upholstery

It is made of synthetic fibers that are fine and very soft. Microfiber upholstery improves the comfort of the chairs. If done well, it can last long without tearing. Microfiber is water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, soft and comfortable, and durable.

PVC Upholstery

Most leather upholstery uses PVC because it increases durability. It is flexible and is similar to natural leather. It has been made to improve the longevity of the leather material and to it available in many colors and designs. PVC leather is still breathable and durable just like natural leather. It is easy to clean and to remove stains.

Velvet Upholstery

Velvet gives your seats a luxurious and inviting feel. The velvet material is considered to be classy and fashionable. It has a soft touch feel and more comfortable than many furniture fabrics. It is easy to clean and to maintain. Old furniture can be renewed by having velvet upholstery. It has been tested over time and proved to be long-lasting.

If you want the best results with upholstery services, consider hiring us. We have experienced and trained staffs who will give you the best services. We also guide our customers into choosing the best fabric and furniture design suitable for their living rooms or commercial spaces.

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